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Addiction-Cessation Treatments

Some of our most popular addiction-cessation packages.

Amy, Brooklyn, New York

I battled with an escalating eating disorder for over a decade, which consumed my life and left me depressed and isolated from family and friends. After many failed attempts to balance my eating habits on my own, I visited Steve and everything changed. After a single treatment, my cravings for sugar went away. A few booster sessions after that, my binging episodes declined to the point of nonexistence. I’ve lost nearly twenty pounds, but that’s not the important bit. It’s been over four years now, and I can hardly remember what it was like to be controlled by sugar and binge-eating. I feel free. Anyone who wants to turn their life around will absolutely succeed with Quit with Quinn. I cannot speak highly enough of this method and Steve’s caring, direct, knowledgeable approach.

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