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Addiction-Cessation Treatments

All you need to know.

How does the drug treatment program work?

Our program for quitting drugs results in freedom from cravings and drug use seeming like a distant memory.


Yes, you can be free from drug addiction, live without drugs as a regular feature of your life, wake up refreshed with an even, steady mind and energy levels.

It works by a profound healing treatment utilizing natural spiritual/energetic healing forces combined with knowledgeable, effective coaching. People normally stop using after the first treatment with the result of a drug free state and lifestyle being locked in after the 7 treatments of the program.


What happens in the sessions is that the healing energies eliminate the energetic build up or force of drug addiction residing in your energy field. It is the energetic component of addiction that is at the very root of addiction. When this is gone, a life free of drugs is easy and natural, with no ongoing fight to maintain sobriety.

Image by Colin Davis

Cost: $9000

Sessions: 7

The healing energies also recharge and rebalance the many fine electro-biological systems of your design, from your mind to your emotions, your nerve life, and many more. This gives you the result of feeling natural, sustained well-being, peace, balance and being located closer to the core of your life. You're then able to get to what you are meant to be doing in this life rather than a stop/start life or a life that's been side-tracked.

The program consists of 7 sessions over the course of about a month. The sessions are done one-on-one to address whatever unique needs or situation you may have, in a confidential environment. Each session is a healing session, from the personalized coaching you'll receive, to the healing treatment itself. In the coaching portion, you'll be given tools, mindsets and important information for long-term success. The healing treatment portion is a spiritual or energetic healing with the tangible result of removing the energetic root of your drug addiction. It is safe and very special. Nearly everyone experiences a profound peace, well-being, sense of balance, sometimes special spiritual experiences, and directly to the point of your need, a disinterest in drugs and no cravings.

The program costs $9000 and involves 7 sessions (each up to 2 hours long). In some cases a sliding scale is available.

​To get started, contact us to set up your initial preparatory phone call with the practitioner and to schedule your first appointment.

For more information about how the treatments work, visit the How it Works page. To see what others have experienced, visit the Testimonials page. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us. We'll be happy to speak with you.

Note: we are not a residential treatment facility or a medically supervised addiction treatment center. 

People working with us enjoy the benefit of overcoming drug addiction without interrupting their work or home life.

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