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Blue Skies


Addiction-Cessation Treatments

Simple. All-natural. Effective.


Book your one-on-one consultation and find the perfect treatment package that will set you free of addiction.

Valia G., Manhattan, New York

Steve is extraordinary – a truly connected and powerful healer! I first went to Steve to kick my “addiction” to sugar. I have had a sweet-tooth my entire life and was finally ready to drop the habit and embrace my full energy and wellness. Steve’s approach was completely aligned to my values – he heals from the inside-out and shifts any habits from the root (rather than dealing with just the symptom). The process of healing was intense and incredible. After a lifetime of needing sugar, I am at a place where sugar has finally become a choice – there is no feeling more empowering than this! After our sugar journey, I began deeper healing work with Steve and continue to leverage his expertise every time I need to recalibrate and tune-up to function at my very best (personally and professionally). I would absolutely recommend Steve to anyone who is serious about making incredible strides in his or her life – mind, body, and spirit!

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