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Frequently Asked Questions

How do our treatments work? What makes them so unique?

Your questions, answered.

  • Will I need follow-up treatments?
    All treatment programs have been designed with the necessary amount of sessions for the average person to overcome whatever type of addiction they are coming to address. Some programs have 3 sessions, others 6 or 7 sessions. This is typically enough. Some people wish to repeat the process with another of the same treatment package. Some choose to then work on a different type of addiction. Some wish to engage in the performance package, which is for those wanting an overall life elevation, not specific to any particular addiction. Some wish for a "refresher" treatment from time to time—once per month, once per quarter. All of this is possible.
  • Confidentiality:
    Confidentiality is very important to us. Sessions are done individually, and at no time is any of your information shared with anyone. It is entirely between yourself and the practitioner.
  • What will I feel after the treatment? Will it help? What will a treatment do to me?
    The main result people experience is apathy or indifference towards the previous addiction. Whether it’s an alcohol, smoking, sugar or other addiction, people most commonly experience no urge to return to the addictive habit, and report a sense of disconnect, almost as if they never had the addiction to begin with. The results are the same for sugar addiction, alcohol addiction, smoking and so on, although the treatment programs are done slightly differently. None of the treatments involve hypnosis or any medical intervention. They are done by energetic healing, also called bio-energy healing or spiritual healing. The healing removes the energy of the addiction itself. This is what accounts for the disconnect, clean slate, positive-natured apathetic state experienced afterwards. The treatment gives you a clean slate and the chance to write new, better patterns and habits into your life.
  • If I do not succeed do I get my money back?
    No. The payment is for the treatment program itself which gives you an excellent opportunity to succeed. We have a 90% success rate with all our addiction programs. There are two reasons the success rate is so high. One is that the treatments and the practitioner are extraordinarily effective. The other is that before you engage, you'll have a phone call with the practitioner talking over your needs, your situation, and evaluating whether or not you're ready. When people engage in the treatments, they come as ready as they can be, understanding that with addictions you're never completely ready or you would have quit already. It is normal to not feel completely ready because the addiction is currently active in you. You just need to be ready enough to give it a good try.
  • What does it cost?
    See each individual treatment program for pricing and program details under the Services tab.
  • Is the treatment given by a doctor? Is this a medical addiction treatment facility?
    No. The treatment is given by an energetic healing practitioner and is done by a transfer of healing energy, also known as bio-energy or, simply, healing. It is not hypnosis, and the practitioner is not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, dietician or any other such profession. The practitioner is Stephen Quinn who has over 25 years of training and experience.
  • How can I be most prepared before the treatment?
    Schedule your first treatment at a time that you are as ready as possible to quit. Do it for you, not because someone else wants you to. Do it as a strong and deliberate act of your value for your life. Clear your home, car and office of anything to do with the addiction, so that after the treatment you will return home into a clean environment with as few reminders of the addiction as possible. Continue the addiction as usual up to the point of the first treatment. Prepare your day so that after the treatment you are able to relax and have no stressful or demanding activities. Wear natural fiber clothing (cotton etc.) as this allows your systems to "breathe" energetically. Lastly, before leaving home take a relaxing shower and come in a calm state of mind.
  • What is the anatomy of a session? Of a treatment program?
    The sessions are done one-on-one in a confidential environment. Each session is a healing session, from the personalized coaching you'll receive, to the healing treatment itself. In the coaching portion, you'll be given tools, mindsets and important information for long-term success. The healing treatment portion is a spiritual or energetic healing with the tangible result of removing the energetic component of your addiction. It is safe and very special. Nearly everyone experiences a profound peace, well-being, sense of balance, sometimes special spiritual experiences, and a sense of apathy/disinterest in the former addiction or addictive behavior. During the direct healing portion of the treatment, you'll be laying down on a healing table and coached into a relaxed state. The practitioner treats the addiction on the energetic levels, cleansing the energetic pathways of the addiction, removing the conglomerate energy of the addiction. The treatment is a healing, a process of cleansing, a transference of potent healing forces, with the practitioner as connected conduit working in the energy field. The treatment itself lasts approximately 40 minutes with the whole session lasting up to two hours. All subsequent sessions in your treatment program follow the same sequence of coaching/conversation followed by the direct healing. For more information about the treatment programs, see Services.
  • How do the treatment programs work?
    The treatment works by healing energy. Healing forces, combined with the practitioner's skills of application, work to bring a person into an addiction-free state in a very short period of time. The process is completely natural, utilizing no chemicals, hypnosis, or medications of any kind. Just pure healing energy. The mechanism by which it works is this: In the energy field, any addiction to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sugar and other foods, or even non-useful habits or emotional states, turns up as low energy patterns and conglomerates of low energy. These patterns and energies are magnetic in their nature, grow stronger over time, and become locking and compulsive upon the life. Healing forces, being far superior in caliber and divinity than the energies of addiction, remove and erase those energies, cleansing the energy field and the person living within it. This produces the addiction-free state, which is indifference to the addictive substance. It is accompanied by a strong feeling of wellbeing, peace, and inner stillness. The energy pattern of the addiction having now been removed, the addiction-free state sustains. This is why the success rate is so high. This treatment program, the healing forces and the practitioner's skill are not things regularly found in the world. When you engage in a treatment program, you'll begin with a conversation tailored to your success. Here, any of your specific needs are addressed as well as what you need to know and do to succeed. You'll then experience the treatment itself, which happens within your energy field while you're laying relaxed on a healing treatment table. Everyone's experience is different. Mostly people say it's peaceful, powerful, brings great well-being, it's spiritual, something they've never experienced before... After the treatment, you'll feel a sense of indifference to the addictive substance or behavior, either immediately or progressively growing session by session. This is the experience of 90% of clients.
  • How long is each session? 
    Each session lasts up to 2 hours. See individual programs for specifics. The first session is the longest, and subsequent sessions last one to two hours. It is best to allow yourself time after each session without any stressful or mentally demanding activities.
  • What can I do after the treatments for the best possible outcome?
    After your first session and throughout the program you will be in a process of physical and energetic shift. Don’t mind that it can be a strange process. Give yourself time and be kind to yourself. Rest when you need to. Get plenty of fresh air. Eating a very clean diet with plenty of nutrient rich vegetables is a good idea. Enjoy all the feelings that come from letting go of the addiction. The reason why you do anything is where the power resides to do it. Regularly remind yourself why you have stopped the addiction. The well being state that flows into your body and mind after quitting becomes the greatest motivator to continue to succeed. Stay as calm and relaxed as possibly. Getting upset or too excited can cause cravings because our systems look to balance a tense state with a relaxed state and it's very likely you engaged in the addiction to achieve a sense of calm or balance. You'll now be finding new ways to come into balance. The breathing exercise you'll learn is a great one. Being in nature is also excellent. Avoid stress as much as possible especially at the beginning. ​ Drink extra water. This helps clean your body more quickly from addictive chemicals. Exercise. This cleans and flushes your body out from addictive chemicals as well as producing natural wellbeing. Regularly do the breathing practice that you'll be taught in the first session. This helps to stay grounded and calm. Avoid people, places and situations that are active anchors for the addiction you are leaving behind. This is more helpful in the first month and becomes less important later as your immunity to the addiction becomes stronger and stronger. ​ Don’t think too much about the fact you are quitting something. Instead get busy with all the positive things you want for your life. It can be helpful not to discuss it with others for several days to keep it a contained process between you and you and not bring others' thoughts and opinions into you. Try to find the balance between not thinking about it too much and being absolutely thrilled and inspired about your new, addiction-free life.
  • Are there any side effects?
    The treatment uses no chemicals or medications, only natural energies, so there are no side effects as reported about popular chemical methods of quitting addictions. It is a purely natural treatment that utilizes natural energy and the practitioner’s unique ability to cleanse the addiction energetically. After the treatment, some people report that they simply want to sleep (this is recommended); mostly they report feeling deeply relaxed and a strong sense of wellbeing and peace.
  • Do I need to believe in it for it to work?
    It does not matter if you believe in it or not; your human design believes in it. It is important to be open. If you have questions about it you can consult with the practitioner before committing to a treatment program. All that is necessary is that you want to quit your addiction and you give it a good solid try. You've likely never experienced the potency of a real healing, and if an addiction is active in you now, you haven't experienced the potency of this healing to remove the energetic root of your addiction. Belief is difficult before you've experienced something. You may wish to look at the testimonials page to see what others have experienced.
  • Healing, the Aura and Energy
    A healing is the gifting of high, unseen influences. Healing forces are part of God's design of the universe. They have been put in place to assist humans in their journey of spiritual development. They cleanse, balance, heal and align a human being with the purpose for existence. A healer person is someone who is able to summon healing forces and direct them into another person for their benefit. In a healing, healing forces flush through your life leaving in their wake a state of recharge and rebalance. This brings you in touch with how you were designed to be. An addicted state is not well-being, not how you were designed to be. Our addiction healing treatments cut the puppet strings of addiction leaving you free to make choices that are better for the temple that your body and your life truly is. The healing energies recharge and rebalance the many fine electro-biological systems of your design, from your mind to your emotions, your nerve life, and many more. This gives you the result of feeling natural, sustained well-being, peace, balance and being more closely located to the core of your life. You're then more able to get to what you are meant to be doing in this life. The aura is the electromagnetic field that radiates out from the human body. Everyone has an aura. It is the unseen theater of all that goes on in a person's life. It has been shown in religious art throughout the ages as halos, energies and colors emanating out from a person’s body. The aura is filled with the electromagnetic results of the workings of the body, the mind, behaviors, everything that a person processes, feels, thinks and does. It reflects on the outside what is happening on the inside – providing an exact picture of a person’s state of health, vitality, well-being, or disease, depression or addicted state. ​ Energy is intrinsically connected with everything physical, every emotion, every thought, every behavior. All that happens physically has an energetic component. Problematic behaviors, engaged in repetitively, build up an energy pattern that becomes a life of its own, compelling in its nature. What happens in the sessions is that the healing energies eliminate the energetic build up or force of the negative behaviors residing in your energy field. When you are cleansed of these energies, you're then able to introduce better, healthier patterns and behaviors into your life and maintain them. By applying treatment at the level of the energetic source of an issue, positive results often occur immediately, or in a far shorter time than normally expected.
  • What is the success rate?
    The long-term success rate is 90%.

Note: we are not a residential addiction cessation facility or medical detox facility. The treatments are a complementary therapy not done by a doctor or under medical supervision. With certain addictions, we will only treat you if you are simultaneously being supervised by a medical doctor.

Mark, Tarrytown, New York

I had been a smoker for 19 years and quit on my own for about six years. During that time, though, I was always thinking about a cigarette. On September 11, watching the Towers fall, I lit up and couldn’t stop from that point. I saw Stephen and it was totally miraculous. I was ready for a struggle, but it never came. Stephen’s treatment made it so much easier than I ever thought possible. Thank you!

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