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About The Practitioner

Our approach and experience.

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Stephen Quinn

Stephen Quinn has been doing healings since 1995. His specialty is in the treatment of addiction, particularly in helping people to overcome alcohol addiction, stop smoking, quit sugar addiction, and lose weight by ending a sugar/refined carb addiction. He has extensive experience in working within the human energy field with direct healing application and ever new and increasing healing connections.

Stephen has developed his skills through countless workshops and trainings in the US, Europe and the Middle East as well as within his own personal development and healing practice where he has helped thousands of people to quit their addictions. 

His healing practice arises out from the philosophies and work of the Well Being Sciences® and the Emin Way. He conducts ongoing workshops into the territories of human purpose and living a full life that responds to the reasons for which we are created.


Natural Well-being

I believe that well-being is a natural property to human life, like air or water, and that a life running on the right energies (which comes from living in alignment with the reason and purpose for our existence) experiences a natural well-being and does not need external substances to be happy, well or balanced. 

I have come to know, without a doubt, that our Creators have put in place healing forces to assist us in our journey. And I've made it my business to know how to access them and direct them towards the healing of people. The process is both mathematical and mystical. Where there is a need and the right petition, they come. What they bring is special, rare and sacred. And along with that, tangible. I've seen people overcome lifelong addictions of all kinds, with an ease and grace that is just not seen with other kinds of addiction assistance. It is my absolute joy and privilege to offer this assistance to my clients.

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Tatiana M., Astoria, New York

Steve is an amazing and gifted practitioner.  I saw him a couple of years ago because I had a serious lifelong sugar addiction and was eating way too many sweets in the course of a day.  After the first session with him, I felt like I was going crazy and noticed sugar everywhere I went, but then after the second session, I lost all my desire for sugar.  Now after 2 years, I can say that I have cut my sugar consumption by about 90% and I am really grateful to him for freeing me of my daily cookie and mocha habit.  I feel so much healthier and more in control of my cravings.  Over the years, I have sent other people to Steve, some for sugar and others for pot and alcohol addictions and they have all benefited greatly from his work. I can’t say exactly what he does or why it works as it is a subtle energy work, but I can emphatically say that it worked for me and has alleviated a life long sugar addiction!

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