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Performance Package

All you need to know.

What is the Performance Package?

This treatment program is for you if you want to shrink the distance from where you are to where you want to be. If you know what you want but are somehow not able to get there.

It's also for you if you know your life is meant to be better, don't know exactly how or what that would look like, and are somehow held back from getting there.

The program amounts to a period of acceleration on your life's journey, an octave leap, getting in better touch with the reason and purpose of why you are here. We also refer to this program as the Life Quickening Program.

Over the course of the sessions, you'll learn many things both spiritual and practical that are important in implementing a lasting change. Each session includes a personally tailored coaching/conversational portion and a spiritual/energetic healing portion. Combined, the coaching and direct healings work to help you achieve a measurable elevation in your life. Healing energies are profound. They work through and upon you, through your whole life, both seen and unseen. People experience elevations in their work life, relationships with themself and others, physical health improvements, spiritual life elevation, improved overall well-being and harmony in living.

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Cost: $4500 *

Sessions: 7

Everyone is different. In some people the simple, yet very profound elevation in the energies you process is enough to make the changes you desire. For others, some blockage or issue may be holding you back, and these are addressed along the way so that they no longer prevent you.

The program costs $4500 and involves 7 sessions (each up to 2 hours long). In some cases a sliding scale is available.

​To get started, contact us to set up your initial preparatory phone call with the practitioner and to schedule your first appointment.

For more information about how the treatments work, visit the How it Works page. To see what others have experienced, visit the Testimonials page. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us. We'll be happy to speak with you.

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